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Sardine Sport Bench Adjustable Commercial Grade Foldable Multifunctional Strength Training Incline Gym Work 400kg Capacity Full Body Workout for Home Gym Exerciser Bench Press


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Product specification: N.W:36kg G.W:39kg Product Dimensions:136*81*121cm Packing:138*45*23cm
– What is the difference between Conlin bench and others? UNIQUE design: putting more effort on the stand material selection and padding. Soft padding but strong stand. Ensuring your safety when you are doing work out. No shaking and No breaking. ONE = MORE One bench comes with one set of dumbbells, more than 7 works out can be easily done at home. Doing work out WON’T be influenced by work, weather, taking care of kids. Key feature for home gym investing too much on going to gym? choose home gym equipments. Being afraid of doing work out in front of other people? choose home gym equipments


If you are looking for a set of dumbbells:

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If you are a father, mother,  doing office work, not being able to go out everyday, or even the gym is too far away from your place, or you are a beginner, being afraid of doing work out in front of many “muscles”. Home gym would be your best choice

In these cases,

ONE set of 24kg sardine sport adjustable dumbbells and bench would help you out with home gym setting. Sardine sport adjustable dumbbells bench only need small room of your home, one mirror. An hour a day, you body will be perfectly shaped. Try to build your new home gym with the least effort.

what you might never think of,

Home gym concept: For those people who are not willing to go to gym everyday, who have to do extra work, who are more prepared for bad weather (not able to go out), who have baby sitting “missions”. Only one set of dumbbells and dumbbell bench

It is your best choice of doing workout at home, only ONE of sardine sport adjustable dumbbell bench, 39kg for each .

COMMERCIAL GRADE – Commercial level thickness, weight capacity. Ensure your safety everytime work out. More stable, good quality.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Machine provides multiple exercises, and can be used together with dumbbell, deep squat rack, and Smith machine.
MORE ADVANCE MATERIAL – Commercial thickness steel. Ergonomic designed for work out. Water proof leather. Steel stand and dense foam.
HOME GYM BEST OPTION – Easy to assemble and use, only less than 20 mins to set up. Installation tools are included. Soft and dense foam padding ensure safety for pets and kids.
ONE YEAR WARRANTY, FREE spares are provided, 7 days free replace if product is damaged by us or carriers

Weight 39 kg
Dimensions 136 × 81 × 121 cm


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Sardine Sport 48KG Adjustable Dumbbell Set, 24KG X2

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What makes difference between Sardine sport and others? Dark black color and “smooth” mechanism. You might had found some dumbbells getting “stuck” when using. BUT never happens here. What makes it unique? Selective materials and best factories. We have quality control teams giving supervision on each step of manufacture. To promise you every single dumbbell produced by Sardine sport is the suit your needs. Adjustable dumbbell
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2. The floor area only needs one dumbbell space, which is convenient for home use
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