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A1 Pro Walking Pad

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– Free-installation
– Brushless motor – Simple & Intergrated Design
– Adaptive Speed Adjustment
– Innovative Double Folding Frame Body



Product Name:Kingsmith Walking Pad A1 Pro Treadmill
Working Dimensions:1432 * 547 * 129mm / 56.5” * 21.5” * 5”
Folded Dimensions:822 * 547 * 129mm / 32.5” * 21.5” * 5”
Walking Surface:1200 * 415mm / 47” * 16.5”
Gross Weight:31kg / 68 lbs
Net Weight:28kg / 62 lbs
Maximum Capacity:100kg / 220 lbs
Minimum Speed:0.5km/h / 0.3mph
Maximum Speed:6.0km/h / 3.75mph
Mode:Standby, Manual, Automati

GT3 Light Commercial Motorized Treadmill

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◆Speed Range: 1-18km/h
◆Incline Range: 0-15%
◆Double safety protection functions with both emergency stop and soft stop
◆PU handrail
◆Multi-windows LED display
◆Preset 12 intelligent running programs, 3 user-defined modes
◆One-button program set function satisfies different fitness demands of all kinds of people easily.
◆High-power Hi-Fi system; MP3 audio input
◆Smart fan provides you extra oxygen by increasing air circulation
◆Intelligent APP supports multi-platforms and multiple languages
◆Intelligent internet treadmill brings you a lot of fun by sharing the fitness data, interaction, attending online running race and etc
◆Professional and simple user operation interface; Quick buttons for speed, incline and program; Humanity management of system setting
◆New design of hidden mobile device bracket
◆Multilayer shock absorption system
◆Hydraulic folding with lock device

Buy a Foldable Treadmill for Your Melbourne Home

Planning to buy a treadmill to burn calories at home? Sardine Sport offers the best treadmill for sale in Melbourne. We offer both commercial grade as well as home use treadmill with LED display, incorporating all the necessary settings. Foldable treadmill from Sardine Sport is fast-moving for its use in limited space. They can be folded and stored after its use. This is a great deal for people living with space constraint. We ensure that folding treadmill comes with all the safety features to avoid any injury. We offer electric treadmill in Melbourne to help you efficiently workout while staying indoors. You can continue to work out even if the weather is not favourable.

Benefits of Using Treadmill

If you are still reluctant to hop on your treadmill, here is an insight into the benefits of using a running machine at home:

  • A running machine is used for cardiovascular workout sessions, which burns your cholesterol and lowers your blood pressure.
  • Running on the treadmill will give you a toned body
  • A running machine will help strengthen the calves, butt, legs, quads, and your core.
  • Running on a foldable treadmill will not leave you with joint pain like a normal run in the park. The surface of the treadmill has shock absorption giving you better impact on your feet and legs.
  • It helps you gain better joint flexibility keeping joint conditions like arthritis and bone diseases at bay.
  • As there is a routine in the mobility of your joints, it minimises other flexibility and mobility problems.
  • You can attain a better bone density leaving it strong and durable.

Why Sardine SportIs the Best Choice in Melbourne

Sardine Sport supplies the best treadmill forhomes in Australia. It is highly ranked over among the other suppliers of treadmills in Melbourne as they provide the best deals ontreadmills. Not just the offers, our customers also receive quality customer service in town. Our sales assistants are educated and experienced to guide you to the right type of running machine according to your requirement and budget.