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Package dimension: 26kg for each box, 56 x 32 x 30 cm x 2 , if you buy a set

What makes difference between Sardine sport and others? Dark black color and “smooth” mechanism. You might had found some dumbbells getting “stuck” when using. BUT never happens here. What makes it unique? Selective materials and best factories. We have quality control teams giving supervision on each step of manufacture. To promise you every single dumbbell produced by Sardine sport is the suit your needs. Adjustable dumbbell
1. 1.5-24KG, up to 15 weight options, adjustable at will
2. The floor area only needs one dumbbell space, which is convenient for home use
3. The combination of metal and rubber materials which feels comfortable

THREE OPTIONS are available:

one pair with stand
one pair without stand
stand only

Buy the Best Dumbbell Weight Set Online in Melbourne at Sardine Sport

Toned muscle is a dream for many youngsters and adults. Be it in a gym or your personal garage, a dumbbell weight set is inevitable. Sardine Sport in Melbourne is the one-stopshop for all your dumbbell weight sets, irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced gym enthusiast. We have cheap dumbbell setsto meet your budget requirement too.

You need to select the right type of adjustable dumbbells if you are new to this. It plays a crucial role if you are exercising on your own without the presence of a trainer. Our dumbbells are the most talked-about essential gym equipment in Melbourne and are best to achieve your goal of a well-built body and toned muscles.

We have state-of-the-art dumbbells in Sardine Sport to give you the best results. We have an array of dumbbells available in our store. From hex to pro-style, you will find an array of dumbbells in our online store to make your life easier. We guarantee a seamless online experience as you can purchase it from the comfort of your home. You can expect prompt delivery from our team.

What Are the Types of Dumbbells Available in Sardine Sport?

It is important to choose the right type of dumbbells from Sardine Sport depending on what you are aiming for as these are available in different materials such as iron, chrome, vinyl, and rubber. Coating it with non-slip vinyl will increase the grip. Therefore, you need to be sure of the dumbbell material type you prefer. Besides the material used, dumbbells itself comes in various types, which are mentioned below:

  • Fixed weight dumbbells: This is a set of dumbbells with a definite weight. This means that in a single set of dumbbells, there are different dumbbells of different fixed weights. The weight cannot be adjusted in a single dumbbell which is what an Adjustable Dumbbell is used for.
  • Adjustable Dumbbells: As the name suggests, the weight plates of the dumbbell can be adjusted according to your weightlifting capacity. The adjustable dumbbell comes with a bar, different plates of different weights, and a clip to ensure that nothing falls off after adding the desired weight of plate on the road. The weight of your dumbbell can be raised by changing the plates. This is possible when you gain more experience after training.
  • Barbell Sets: This is the dumbbell which you usually see in a weightlifting champion competition. The long rods with weights give extra workout and is perfect for experienced weightlifters and bodybuilders. They consume more space, which should be taken into account while you order it for your home workout.

Best Dumbbell Set for Sale in Melbourne

Sardine Sport is the reputed supplier of perfect Dumbbell Weight Set across Melbourne. However, we extend our delivery to other parts of Australia, as many of you have recognised the high-quality dumbbells we sell. Identify the dumbbell of your choice and capacity before you place your online order or while you make an in-store purchase. Our friendly staff will guide you to choose the right type of dumbbell if you need assistance.