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Adjustable Dumbbells & Stand


Adjustable Dumbbells & Stand

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PURCHASE NOW, then You will have one resistance band 11pcs for free.

Package dimension: 26kg for each box, 56 x 32 x 30 cm x 2 , if you buy a set

What makes difference between Sardine sport and others? Dark black color and “smooth” mechanism. You might had found some dumbbells getting “stuck” when using. BUT never happens here. What makes it unique? Selective materials and best factories. We have quality control teams giving supervision on each step of manufacture. To promise you every single dumbbell produced by Sardine sport is the suit your needs. Adjustable dumbbell
1. 1.5-24KG, up to 15 weight options, adjustable at will
2. The floor area only needs one dumbbell space, which is convenient for home use
3. The combination of metal and rubber materials which feels comfortable

FOUR OPTIONS are available:
one dumbbell
one pair
one dumbbell with stand
one pair with stand
stand only

Adjustable Dumbbells Bench


Adjustable Dumbbells Bench

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Product specification: N.W:36kg G.W:39kg Product Dimensions:136*81*121cm Packing:138*45*23cm
– What is the difference between Conlin bench and others? UNIQUE design: putting more effort on the stand material selection and padding. Soft padding but strong stand. Ensuring your safety when you are doing work out. No shaking and No breaking. ONE = MORE One bench comes with one set of dumbbells, more than 7 works out can be easily done at home. Doing work out WON’T be influenced by work, weather, taking care of kids. Key feature for home gym investing too much on going to gym? choose home gym equipments. Being afraid of doing work out in front of other people? choose home gym equipments


If you are looking for a set of dumbbells:

Adjustable Kettlebell & Home Gym

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If you are a father, mother,  doing office work, not being able to go out everyday, or even the gym is too far away from your place, or you are a beginner, being afraid of doing work out in front of many “muscles”. Home gym would be your best choice

In these cases,

What you can do if you only have ONE square at home? To get a set of Sardine sport kettlebells. Less than one square, but you can do more than 15 work outs at home. Fully burn up your body without concerning weather, housework and being afraid of doing workout in front of strangers. 2021 new model Sardine sport kettle, better quality, smooth mechanism, strong and “never drop” locking system to promise you to have a safer and more comfortable work out “home gym”.

Return policy:

sardine sport will allow a return for store credit or exchange product where you have changed your mind, provided that the item in question is
– returned within 14 days of receiving order;
– as new and is not used, worn, or opened and has all original packaging and tags in-tact (including any package seals (if any) being unbroken); and a resalable condition; and not damaged in any way.
-We cannot accept change of mind returns on items that come in sealed packages or boxes where seals are damaged or broken.
You will be responsible for the cost and risk of returning goods, including the cost of return shipping. If the item is not received by sardine sport, you will not be eligible for a credit or exchange.
You may be provided with a product exchange, refund or store credit (at our discretion) only when the returned product is received, and it complies with the requirements outlined above
If the returned item does not meet the conditions of this policy, you will be responsible for the cost of receiving your returned goods back to your nominated address.
Our quality control teams do inspect all deliveries to ensure the products you receive meet our exact quality standards. However, if you do receive a faulty, damaged or the incorrect product, please contact us to arrange a return delivery and a refund or exchange. The return must be received by sardine sport within 30 days.

AB(abdominal) machine + rowing machine all-in-one

Build up you home gym now

  • -Simple assembly and easy storage
  • -Multi-function (rowing machine, abdomen machine)
  • -Improve cardiopulmonary function.
  • -Help lose weight.
  • -Strengthen leg muscles and improve overall physical fitness.
  • -The height of the armrest is adjustable, suitable for people of different heights
  • -Built-in digital display (time, speed, distance, calories, etc.)


Curve Sit-up Bench


Curve Sit-up Bench

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Product Dimensions:151*40*65cm

Exercise: sit-up, push up, bend and straighten of back , lying leg raise.
Exercise position: muscle of whole body.

Portable Home Gym Workout Package

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1. Foldable for easy carrying
2. Simple assembly and easy storage
3. Suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers
4. Exercise the chest muscles, shoulder deltoid muscles, upper back muscles, triceps, biceps femoris, gastrocnemius and triceps



  • – Foldable for easy carrying
  • – Simple assembly and easy storage
  • – Suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers
  • – Upper body exercises (shoulder, back, chest and triceps)
  • – Jump rope with load block, can rotate 360°, no noise

Resistant bands(11pcs)

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Resistant bands
1. 11pcs in 1
2. The combination of metal and rubber materials, feel comfortable

Resistant loops(5pcs)


Resistant loops(5pcs)

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Resistant loops
1. 5 in 1 package
2. best outdoor equipment
3. unbreakable materials and soft touching

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